Please feel free to download the 2018 Conference Speaker Presentations.

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Adrienne Harris - The Personal Imperative

Gary Yorke - 311’s Transformative Customer Experience Journey

Jessica Cryer - Demystifying Design Thinking

Corey Atkinson - Tomorrow's CX Begins With You

Jim Napier - Roadmap to Modern 2.0

David Whitehouse - Technology in the Utility Sector

Doug Long - Rocking Inbound Email Management

Dr. Doug Norris - Millennials: How Are They Different?

Sarah Hines - Building Brand Advocates

Steve Smith - Mastering the Customer Experience Through Digital Transformation

TTC & Bridgeable - Finding Your Way

Christian Spencer & Deanna Cook - The Art of Telemarketing: Reinventing a High Performance Channel

Sal Caggiula - Millennials and Gen C - Engage and Retain the New Generations and Decrease the Turnover Rate of Agents Within your Team

Dr. Jaime Leal - Seven Reasons Why People Want To Work With You

Sharon Ramalho - Making the Connection

Kelly Harper - Connecting Employee Experience to Customer Experience Outcomes

Shon Wedde - How IoT, Augmented Reality, Predictive Analytics, Conversational Interfaces and Robotics are Converging to Transform the Service Experience

Dave Gussin - Don't Call Us - We'll Call You | The Shifting Market of Millennials

Sameer Masood - Managing Organizational Change

Charley Butler/presented by Alida Ladak - Do Demographics Matter to your Communications Strategy?

Shannon Burch - Leading Change


Please feel free to download the 2017 Conference Speaker Presentations.

If you don’t see a presentation, please contact [email protected]

Sean Keith - Data: It's Not What You Have, It's How You Use It

Jessica Cryer - Millennials are Passé, Understanding the Future Customers

Fraser McNaught - Managing Change in a Disruptive World

Bryan Fox - Business Process Outsourcing - Does it Work?

Lisa Frank - Creating an Effortless Customer Experience

Peter Nashed - Understanding, Elevating & Extending Customer Experience

JP Saunders - Modern Service in Customer Service

Tamara Carlson - Lateral Leadership

Alison McBratney - Creating a Coaching Culture

Kim Train - A Customer Centric Culture is the Foundation of a Successful Customer Experience Journey

Diana Eagen - How Automating Business Processes Can Improve The Customer Experience

Daniel Resnick - Going physical in a digital world: How bricks and mortar is still a cornerstone of customer experience