Who & Why Attend?

Who Should Attend?

Our conference is not only about learning, it’s about networking. Come out and meet some great people:

Senior Level VPs & Directors

Who are accountable for strategic planning and alignment

New & Experienced Managers

Who are responsible for operational and tactical planning

Team Leads & Supervisors

Who are in charge of day to day operations, coaching and monitoring

Customer Service & Contact Centre Professionals

Who are the faces and voice of the organization


Training Specialists


Anyone charged with increasing customer loyalty, social media, operations, and marketing

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Why Should You Attend?

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    Cultivate New Customers & Grow Your Business

    Winning future market share will require building lasting relationships with your customers through multiple channels, both digital and traditional. Identify the features, preferences and strategies for omni-channel success.

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    Transform Your Culture & Become Customer-Centric

    Shifting your organization to become more customer-centric requires complete organizational buy-in. Whatever your size, ensure a customer first organizational culture to maximize your digital and traditional customer experiences.

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    Engage In Thought Leadership With CX Professionals

    This two-day event is exclusively designed for executive CX practitioners. Acquire actionable insights to tackle your biggest digital and traditional customer experience challenges from the top industry professionals.

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    Meet Like Minded Professionals

    Often competitors from other regions of the country can become valuable resources for referrals and best-practices. Collaboration is the way to approach networking and it can help each other uncover ideas and spark inspiration when they get to know each other on a personal level.

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    Encounter New Vendors & Supplies

    Learn more about the current business climate from these vendors. Discovering innovative products and services for your business is necessary to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced world. Plus, these vendors who serve your industry fully grasp what is happening inside your competition.

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    Position Yourself As An Expert

    When you are active in your industry, like customer service, you can develop a reputation as an expert to your peers and your clients. Your expertise will open opportunities such as to be asked to speak at the events and to write articles for their industry publications. Clients feel good about doing business with those that are celebrated by their peers.

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    Have Fun

    Being in business should be rewarding and fun. All work and no play can get old fast. The Transforming the Customer Experience Conference can add a layer of enjoyment to managing your career growth by mixing a social aspect into your learning and industry branding efforts. Why stop there? Join us for a round of golf to continue the learning, networking and fun!

Top 10 Reasons

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    Venue - Lake view

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    Conference Awards

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    25+ Speakers

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    Contact Centre Tour at 311

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    Round Table Talks

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    Mouth-watering Food

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    Up to date relevant content

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    Supporting Toronto Ronald McDonald House

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What you will Learn

Listen and learn from the top Customer Experience leaders. For more topics, click here

Creating a Digital Strategy

Artificial Intelligence

What is the future?

Employee Engagement

Customer Experience Strategies

Data, Data, & Data


How do we market, work and socialize with this generation?

Complaint Management

Customer Centric Culture

Change Leader

Building your Brand

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